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What You Should Know About Your Dental Implant Procedure Before the Big Day

Learn About Dental Implant Systems in Burlington ON Area

It can come as a bit of a surprise to dental patients when they hear how straightforward a dental implant procedure is. While it is surgical in nature, advancements in dental technology and techniques have made this procedure a relatively minor one that leaves the patient in less discomfort afterward than you may think. That does not mean that there are no aspects of this procedure you should know about or take seriously. Caring for your mouth afterward is especially important as the implant site heals. When you seek a dental implant in the Burlington, Ontario area, you should reach … Continue reading

Questions You Can Ask Your Dental Team About Partial Dentures For Teeth Replacement

Removable Partial Denture in Burlington ON Area

If you are living with a smile that is missing teeth and is ready to find a viable tooth replacement option, there are several cosmetically appealing options available to you in the Burlington, Ontario area. One option worth looking into is a removable partial denture as offered by Dr. Sam Gupta and the friendly team at Mount Royal Dental. If you are tired of having an incomplete smile and are ready to consider partial dentures to replace your missing teeth, it is helpful to have all the information you can get regarding this treatment. While your dentist will provide you … Continue reading

Can Porcelain Veneers Ruin My Teeth? Find out if Veneers will damage your teeth long-term

Dental Veneer Services in Burlington Area

Veneers are seeing a surge in popularity like never before. Accessibility plays a significant role in this as anybody can get them. Veneers are no longer viewed as something meant for the famous and elite. Patients in the Burlington, Ontario area see Dr. Sam Gupta and his team of dentists at Mount Royal Dental for cosmetic dental needs, including veneers. Safety of Veneers Veneers are pretty safe, and there is very little reason for any sort of concern during or after the procedure has been completed. The most important thing is to choose a dentist that you trust. Ask questions … Continue reading

Benefits of iTero Scanning Technology and What to Expect

iTero Scans in Burlington Area

Not so long ago, the quest for the perfect smile meant having to endure uncomfortable procedures such as dental moulding so that you could get fitted with braces. Well, those days are over because, thanks to iTero® scanner technology, it’s now possible to get a complete image of your teeth and gums without the uncomfortable and messy hassle. Dr. Sam Gupta and the committed professionals at Mount Royal Dental are proud to offer their patients this new and exciting advancement in dental technology. What Does iTero Scanner Technology Do? As we mentioned, in the old days, you would have to go through the … Continue reading

The Benefits of Dental Oral X-rays and what you should expect

Dental Digital X-rays in Burlington Area

Regular visits to your dentist represent a vital habit that pays off in healthier teeth and gums, but most importantly, improved overall health. Maintaining your smile requires expert care, such as routine cleanings, examinations, reactive and preventive treatments, and x-rays. These are all crucial tools for optimum oral health. The trusted professionals at Mount Royal Dental, led by the award-winning Dr. Sam Gupta, are here to serve all your dental needs and work with you to create long-term treatment plans that will ensure you can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. What Are Dental Digital X-Rays and Why Are They … Continue reading

Overcome Dental Anxiety with safe and effective Sleep Dentistry Services

Effective Sleep Dental Treatments in Burlington Area

Sleep dental services (also known as sedation) are a safe and effective option for qualified dental patients. However, since sedation leaves patients very vulnerable, it’s essential to allow a trusted dentist to perform this service. At Mount Royal Dental, Dr. Sam Gupta has earned the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Dentist every year for the last six years! Dr. Gupta and his brilliant team are experts at providing patients with safe sleep dental services. When Are Sleep Dental Services Necessary? There are a variety of reasons someone may need sedation dentistry. For example, if you suffer from fear or anxiety, especially related … Continue reading

Differences Between Traditional Braces and Invisalign

Invisalign Dentist in Burlington ON Area

Very few people have a perfect smile. There is always some aspect of your teeth that can be improved upon, including alignment issues, spacing issues, and straightening issues. Dental patients in Burlington, Ontario, have come to trust the Invisalign clear aligner treatment as offered by Dr. Sam Gupta and orthodontist Dr. Shakti Singh at Mount Royal Dental. Drs. Gupta and Singh pride themselves in being dentists that provides a solution that has helped so many people over the years. You may wonder what the difference is between Invisalign and traditional braces. Both can fix many of the same issues, but which is better? … Continue reading

If you are seeking the latest in intraoral scanning or impression free technology, look no further than iTero® Digital Imaging!

iTero Scanning in Burlington Area

If you are on a quest for that perfect smile, you don’t have to look any further when you drop by for an appointment with Dr. Sam Gupta and the friendly team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario. At Mount Royal Dental, intraoral scanning is performed using the iTero scanning technology, which is quickly becoming the industry standard thanks to its ability to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional scans of your teeth and gums. Intraoral scanning is a method in which three-dimensional images of your mouth are produced so that detailed and accurate dental models can be used to diagnose … Continue reading

Experienced Dentist explains the wonderful versatility of Dental X-Rays for oral health treatment

Dental Oral X-ray Treatment in Burlington Area

Seeing a dentist regularly is crucial to your long-term oral and overall health. Regular examinations, cleanings, x-rays, and preventative and reactive treatments are all important if you want to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Individuals in the Burlington, Ontario area trust their oral health to Dr. Sam Gupta and the skilled team at Mount Royal Dental. At Mount Royal Dental, Dr. Gupta works with each patient to establish long-term treatment plans which help ensure a lifetime of oral health.  You probably understand the importance of regular examinations and cleanings. Both are necessary to keep teeth and gums in … Continue reading

Sedation Dentistry the advantages and different options available to me?

Sleep Dentistry in Burlington ON Area

Sedation (or sleep) dentistry is an effective and safe option available to dental patients who need it and can be used for a variety of reasons. If you suffer from dental anxiety or fear, this is one way you can be made comfortable during your procedure. Sedation can also be used when the dental procedure is surgical in nature, and the patient needs to sleep. Whatever the reason may be, sedation techniques were developed to make the experience comfortable for patients. If you are in the Burlington, Ontario area and are interested in sedation dentistry, Dr. Sam Gupta and the … Continue reading

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