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The Eight Steps of Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy Dentist in Burlington ON Area

Guided Biofilm Therapy is a process which utilizes eight specific steps for the removal of plaque for cleaner teeth. At Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, Dr. Sam Gupta performs guided biofilm therapy for patients seeking gentle teeth cleaning. In the past, traditional biofilm management involved brushes, rubber cups, and harsh pastes. Thanks to the continuous advancement in dental technologies, this modern eight-step process utilizes techniques which are more thorough, efficient, and less abrasive to the tooth. Assess: The Guided Biofilm Therapy starts with a dental exam, during which cavity and gum disease detection will be conducted. Cleaning then begins … Continue reading

All-On-Four Dental Implants for Healthy and Confident Smiles

Affordable 4 Dental Implants Near Me Burlington ON Area

At Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, Dr. Sam Gupta offers affordable All-On-Four dental implants to patients looking for a better way to wear dentures. Utilizing four dental implants, a new denture will be attached to the implants, providing a fit and function that traditional dentures cannot match. What Makes One a Good Candidate for All-On-Four? All-On-four dental implants are great for securing dentures on the upper, lower, or both arches of the mouth. This is dependent on what the patient needs. All-On-Four dental implants are a potentially ideal treatment for people who already have dentures or for those who are being fit for … Continue reading

All-on-four Dental Implants

Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants in Burlington ON Area

Our smile is usually the first thing people notice about us, and our confidence is higher when we have gorgeous smiles. Unfortunately, many of us will lose one or more teeth at some point in our lives. This can be caused by an accident, injury, or dental neglect. Whatever the cause of your tooth loss, the All-on-four dental implant system at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, can restore your smile to its naturally beautiful state.  The Benefits of All-on-four Dental Implants With the All-on-four system, you can replace an entire arch of teeth with a minimally invasive procedure. Four … Continue reading

Broken Tooth? Get Immediate Tooth Repair Services with CEREC Dental Crown Treatment

CEREC One Visit Dentistry in Burlington ON Area

If you’ve ever had to deal with a fractured or broken tooth, you know how important it is to get immediate treatment. Repairing your tooth quickly can spare you undue pain and frustration. Mount Royal Dental offers CEREC one-visit dental crown treatment for repairing broken teeth. Through CEREC technology, your Burlington, Ontario dentist can relieve your pain, repair your tooth and restore your smile.    About CEREC One Visit Dentistry  Dental crowns are often the go-to treatment for repairing damaged teeth. Crowns are special caps placed over fractured or broken teeth to fortify their structure so they don’t crumble. At the … Continue reading

The Danger of Biofilm and How You Can Remove It

Biofilm Removal on Teeth in Burlington ON Area

Bacteria thrive in moist and warm areas, which is a perfect descriptor of your mouth. It is no surprise that your mouth is an ideal habitat for developing bacteria and biofilm. Biofilm develops when bacteria are allowed to cluster and form colonies on wet surfaces. Everybody has it in their mouth, and it can lead to the formation of plaque and oral disease if not removed. At Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, Dr. Sam Gupta is introducing a true game changer in biofilm removal treatment. Guided biofilm therapy follows an 8-step protocol which completely removes biofilm from your mouth … Continue reading

Benefits Offered by Dental Implants Which Other Tooth Replacement Options Cannot Match

Dental Implant After Extraction in Burlington ON Area

When your dentist decides a tooth must be extracted, this decision will not be made lightly. Extracting a tooth is always a last resort that is only considered when no other dental treatment will save your tooth. When you lose a tooth or after an extraction, it is crucial that you choose a tooth replacement option to avoid future dental health issues. Dr. Sam Gupta and the team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, offer several tooth-replacement options. Still, a dental implant can provide benefits that are unmatched by a bridge or denture. Here are just a couple of … Continue reading

Dentures Will Not Only Improve the Quality of Your Life but Can Also Improve Your Health!

Removable Partial Denture in Burlington ON Area

When you are missing teeth, tasks which used to seem so simple can suddenly become quite difficult. You may notice that you are having issues with speech and pronunciation. Chewing food is suddenly laborious and frustrating. If you are seeking a tooth replacement option, dentures can be one solution that works for you. Dentures come in many forms. Complete and partial dentures (both fixed in place and removable) are popular among patients of Dr. Sam Gupta at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario. Let us look at how a denture can improve your quality of life. Chewing and Digestion While … Continue reading

Common Questions Asked by Parents During the Child’s First Dental Visit

Child's First Dental Visit in Burlington ON Area

When you visit Dr. Sam Gupta and the friendly team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, you can bring the whole family. Dr. Gupta does treat not only adults and teens but also provides child dental services. Getting your child in for their first visit could result in you having some questions to ask. Here are some common questions that parents ask. How Can I Help My Child with Dental Anxiety? It is common for a child’s first dental visit to not be until they are a bit older. When this happens, they could have a fear about visiting … Continue reading

If You Need a Filling but Want to Maintain a White Smile, Consider White Composite Fillings

White Composite Filling in Burlington ON Area

For many years, the standard in the dental industry for fillings was a metal amalgam. Even today, there are still some dentists out there that utilize this form of filling. Most dentists, including Dr. Sam Gupta of Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, prefer white composite fillings. Not only is this form of filling material non-toxic, but it can also be matched to the shade of your tooth. Composite fillings are great for those with metal allergies, and you do not have to worry about the drawback of mercury, which is present in amalgam. How Long Does It Take to … Continue reading

Common Dental Problems That Porcelain Veneers Can Fix

Veneers for Overlapping Teeth in Burlington ON Area

For many years, dental veneers were considered to be for the rich and fabulous; the celebrity population, including actors, news anchors, and those who spend a lot of time in front of the camera. While porcelain dental veneers are a purely cosmetic procedure, they are not much more common and popular among regular, everyday people who, for instance, are looking to correct the appearance of overlapping teeth. If you are interested in veneers in the Burlington, Ontario, area, visit Dr. Sam Gupta and the team at Mount Royal Dental. While veneers are a highly effective cosmetic treatment for concealing overlapping … Continue reading

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