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Choose Burlington laser dental treatment for a healthy and bright smile

Dr. Gupta is a fully trained and experienced provider of laser dentistry and other dental procedures.

Lasers have various uses in the field of dentistry. They can be most effectively used for removing decay, whitening teeth, reshaping gums, and hardening bonding materials in fillings.

Dental lasers emit energy in the form of quick pulses of light at the area to be treated. Based on the type of tissue to be treated, various wavelengths of the lasers are used.

Dr. Sam Gupta at Mount Royal Dental provides advanced laser dental treatment in Burlington, ON to suitable candidates.


Diode Lasers

Diode lasers have many different fascinating applications in laser dentistry. It is a revolutionary technology that enables dentists to treat patients with the most precision, least pain, and fast healing. Several cosmetic dentistry procedures can be performed using diode lasers, including tooth whitening.

Diode laser technology works by focusing the energy at the site of treatment through a semiconductor embedded within a crystal. The energy is transmitted through a flexible optical fiber towards a handheld unit which the dentist uses during the treatment. The power of the laser can be precisely adjusted for performing a variety of procedures safely and comfortably. The diode lasers are flexible enough to be applied to many different procedures, such as:

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Soft-tissue surgery: The diode laser is commonly used for performing soft-tissue surgery, such as removing lesions and tumors from oral soft tissues within the mouth. The high-energy beam of the diode laser kills bacteria and sterilizes the areas during cavity treatment, root canals, and other similar procedures.

Plaque removal: Diode laser can help dentists in cleaning the teeth. The powerful laser can effectively remove heavily calcified deposits from the teeth leaving them clean and free from cavity-causing plaque.

Teeth whitening: The diode laser can activate the gel used in professional treatments for tooth whitening. An in-office treatment can whiten teeth by 10 shades, which is a remarkable improvement in comparison to over-the-counter whitening systems offered in stores.

Gum contouring: The diode laser can help in reshaping the gum lines of the patients.

Laser surgical tools have unsurpassed precision, which helps dentists in minimizing or eliminating bleeding as well as post-treatment discomfort. The dentists can remove decayed tissue without affecting healthy tissue surrounding the treated gums. Also, dentists can ensure long-lasting fillings as they can effectively fill the cavities treated by the laser system in comparison to those treated with a drill.


Laser Technology Benefits

Image of a Young lady after used Laster technology

Dental lasers have various advantages over traditional instruments:

Minimized need for anesthesia – Unlike dental drills, lasers are precise and don’t create intense vibrations. A treatment with the laser usually does not require anesthesia during the process.

Minimal bleeding – Laser treatment involves conservative incisions, with less bleeding and swelling. Moreover, lasers cauterize incisions by sealing them using energy which further reduces bleeding.

Preservation of tTissue – A laser dental treatment is highly precise and involves minimal disruption of surrounding healthy tissue.

Rapid healing – A laser treatment involves very precise incisions, which are sealed immediately, thereby minimizing healing time. After a soft tissue procedure performed with the laser, there is no bleeding and patients do not need to have sutures.

Multiple applications – Due to the versatile capabilities of laser treatments, some dentists use them for smile makeovers as well. Laser dentistry is an innovative technology that ensures beautiful results comfortably. The dentist can use a single laser for different types of treatments by making appropriate adjustments.

  • Removal of caries or decay – Treatment with a laser can ablate decay developing in a tooth and creating a cavity.
  • Cleaning and preparation of a cavity – A laser can clean the area developing a cavity by removing any plaque and remaining bacteria to prepare the area for an inlay, onlay, or filling.
  • Tooth resurfacing – Laser treatment can be used to resurface a tooth for various The laser can create an etched surface which can prove more conducive for bonding.

Effective cosmetic treatments should ensure a foundation of healthy teeth and gums. Laser treatments make the dental procedures incredibly comfortable and precise, thereby ensuring long-term satisfaction.
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