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Patients seeking pain-free laser periodontic treatment from dentist in Burlington, ON

In Burlington area Periodontic Dentist

Are you suffering from periodontal (gum) disease but are hesitant to receive treatment because you fear having your gums cut into? What if your dentist told you that there is a treatment that is becoming increasingly common which involves no incisions and minimal downtime with virtually no discomfort? Dr. Sam Gupta and his team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, ON offer a periodontal treatment option involving the use of a soft tissue diode laser. This laser can vaporize diseased gum tissue without cutting or sutures, resulting in a comfortable and stress-free experience for patients.

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Periodontal Disease Treatment

The American Dental Association has found that an increasing number of dentists are choosing laser treatment over traditional gum disease treatment due to the non-surgical nature that laser treatment offers. Laser treatment involves tiny beams of light which can eradicate harmful, gum disease causing bacteria and is able to decrease or outright eliminate calculus, assist in tissue re-attachment and offers bio stimulation for a better healing experience. There are numerous reasons dentists have adopted laser treatment for periodontal disease.

No Incision

Laser treatment will effectively treat periodontal disease without the need for incisions or sutures. This ensures no downtime and you will be able to be in and out of your dentist’s office quickly and able to resume your normal daily activities.

Minimal Discomfort

Many patients find that laser treatment for periodontal disease is comfortable, especially when compared to traditional periodontal surgery. Laser treatment is so minimally invasive that it requires only local anesthetics (to numb) as opposed to periodontal surgery, which often requires general anesthesia (which puts you to sleep).

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Quick Treatment

Utilizing laser treatment for periodontal disease is far quicker than traditional periodontal surgery. It also requires minimal follow up due to there being no need for suture removal. In two to eight pain free visits, you can be completely free of gum disease.

Quality Results

It’s been found that laser treatments produce longer lasting results with around 98 percent of patients remaining disease free at least five years after the procedure.

Minimal Diet Restrictions

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When you go through periodontal surgery, your dentist is likely to give you a list of food and drink which you will need to avoid during healing. When your periodontal disease is treated through laser therapy, you may be asked to stick to soft foods for a day or two, but in many cases, you will be healthy enough to eat your normal diet immediately following the procedure.

Minimal Recovery Time

When you receive gum surgery to treat your periodontal disease, you could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to completely heal. This is most often an uncomfortable experience involving swelling and discomfort. When you elect to treat your periodontal disease through laser treatment, your recovery time is often less than 24 hours and many patients can return to their normal daily lives immediately after.

Safety First

Laser treatment is completely safe. Even for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia or those on various medications, laser treatment is a safe option. Your dentist will evaluate you prior to recommending laser treatment just in case you may not be fit for the procedure.

If you are suffering from periodontal disease and are ready to receive treatment that is virtually painless and incredibly time-efficient, you should give Dr. Sam Gupta and his team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, ON a call to discuss the benefits of laser treatment. To schedule an appointment, please call (905) 581-9912 today.


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