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Common Questions Asked by Parents During the Child’s First Dental Visit

Child's First Dental Visit in Burlington ON Area

When you visit Dr. Sam Gupta and the friendly team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, you can bring the whole family. Dr. Gupta does treat not only adults and teens but also provides child dental services. Getting your child in for their first visit could result in you having some questions to ask. Here are some common questions that parents ask.

How Can I Help My Child with Dental Anxiety?

It is common for a child’s first dental visit to not be until they are a bit older. When this happens, they could have a fear about visiting the dentist, and you may not know what to do. In some cases, children deal with honesty very well, so giving them a clear set of what they can expect may help. It is always important to use positive verbiage so that the upcoming appointment seems like it will not be something to fear.

Preventing Bad Dental Habits

Actions taken by toddlers can be very instinctual. Putting fingers in their mouths, the need to keep using a pacifier, and more can lead to their dental development. A dentist who treats children can provide tips or tricks which can help your baby stop sucking their thumb or can provide you with more information on when pacifier use should end. Getting past these habits will allow your toddler’s mouth and teeth to develop as they should without issue.

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

Getting advice on good brushing and, if old enough, flossing techniques can play a vital role in instilling good oral hygiene habits in your child. Your dentist can provide you with a list of foods and drinks that are not good for your child’s teeth, such as sugary “juice” drinks. Fluoride treatments could also be a possible way to protect your child’s teeth.

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Looking at the wide selection of children’s toothpaste at the grocery store can be intimidating enough without wondering if you should get one that has fluoride or is fluoride-free. Your dentist can answer any questions you have about toothpaste for your child and help you decide what kind of toothpaste your child should be using.

If your child’s first tooth has broken through the gums or if they are one year of age, it may be time for their first dental visit. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gupta, please call (905) 581-9912 today.

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