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Questions You Can Ask Your Dental Team About Partial Dentures For Teeth Replacement

Removable Partial Denture in Burlington ON Area

If you are living with a smile that is missing teeth and is ready to find a viable tooth replacement option, there are several cosmetically appealing options available to you in the Burlington, Ontario area. One option worth looking into is a removable partial denture as offered by Dr. Sam Gupta and the friendly team at Mount Royal Dental. If you are tired of having an incomplete smile and are ready to consider partial dentures to replace your missing teeth, it is helpful to have all the information you can get regarding this treatment. While your dentist will provide you with much information that is helpful, knowing some questions you can ask could help you make an informed decision.

What Benefits Are Offered By Partial Dentures?

A removable partial denture is a very popular teeth replacement appliance that involves the use of a metallic clasp that attaches to adjacent teeth. Partial dentures are not only removable, offering convenience for cleaning, but they are also natural in appearance and comfortable to wear. Although partial dentures are removable, when they are fastened, they are secure, and you should not need to worry about them coming loose when worn. Partial dentures offer specific benefits which other teeth replacement solutions, such as dental implants, do not. One such benefit is that they are far less invasive in nature and require no surgery before being put into place. This affords a faster solution than other options.

Why Should You Choose Partial Dentures?

If you are missing multiple teeth and seeking an affordable yet reliable solution for tooth loss, then partial dentures could be the ideal solution for you. Partial dentures are great for the replacement of a section of missing teeth, but they can be utilized to replace a single missing tooth as well. If you are missing many teeth or even an entire arch, you may want to look into a complete denture. Also, because no surgery is required (unless teeth need to be extracted first), if you are seeking a non-surgical tooth replacement option, partial dentures are ideal.

What Should You Expect Once You Start Wearing Your Partial Dentures?

It does not matter what teeth replacement option you choose; they all require some period of adjustment. Partial dentures are no different. When you first receive your partial dentures, you should go about your daily life as normal with regular talking and eating, so that you can get used to how they feel in your mouth. There could be slight discomfort for a short period, but this should go away within a few weeks of wearing your partial denture. Your dentist will likely require you to make follow-up visits so that the fit and overall condition of your partial denture can be checked and any adjustments which are deemed necessary can be made.

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How Should You Care For Your Partial Denture To Make It Last?

Partial dentures do require some care to remain in good shape. This is achieved through good at-home oral hygiene in combination with regular dental visits. On average, a partial denture will last anywhere from five to ten years when cared for properly. While you should be able to eat easily while wearing your partial denture, some restrictions may be necessary to protect it while it is worn. One such dietary restriction would be chewing on food that is excessively hard, such as hard candies (jawbreakers) or even ice. The last thing you want is to bite down on something and have one of the artificial teeth of your partial denture break off.

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If you are tired of seeing an incomplete smile every time you look in the mirror, you should consider a tooth replacement option such as a partial denture. Contact the team at Mount Royal Dental by phone at (905) 581-9912 or via their website at www.mountroyaldental.com. Dr. Sam Gupta and his team would love to welcome you in for a conversation about partial dentures to see if this solution is right for you. Dr. Gupta and his team take great pride in assisting patients so that they can achieve beautiful and healthy smiles.

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