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The Benefits of Dental Oral X-rays and what you should expect

Dental Digital X-rays in Burlington Area

Regular visits to your dentist represent a vital habit that pays off in healthier teeth and gums, but most importantly, improved overall health. Maintaining your smile requires expert care, such as routine cleanings, examinations, reactive and preventive treatments, and x-rays. These are all crucial tools for optimum oral health. The trusted professionals at Mount Royal Dental, led by the award-winning Dr. Sam Gupta, are here to serve all your dental needs and work with you to create long-term treatment plans that will ensure you can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health.

What Are Dental Digital X-Rays and Why Are They Important?

You probably already realize by now how important it is to maintain a schedule of routine cleanings and examinations. After all, both are fantastic tools to help your gums and teeth ward off infections and other issues stemming from dental neglect. However, there are times when your teeth can undergo extensive or minor damage (that later gets worse). Maybe something happened, and you fractured a tooth without realizing it?

It’s not uncommon for dental issues to fly under our radar, but with diagnostic tools such as dental digital x-rays, Dr. Gupta and his team can detect problems that may not be visible from the surface.

How Are Dental Digital X-Rays used?

We strongly recommend dental digital x-rays for you and your family whenever you visit our office for an examination. With the information we collect from x-rays, we can detect problems and potential issues.

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With children and teens, we can also use dental digital x-rays to track the development of their teeth and detect signs of teeth growing at improper angles and many other issues. X-rays can also be a great tool to help us ensure that your child’s mouth has sufficient space for teeth yet to grow. 

Plus, with adults, x-rays will detect signs of emerging wisdom teeth, decay, and any impacted teeth. It will also help to detect any jaw bone infection or loss, abscesses, and other forms of tumours.

Early Detection Saves Teeth

While dental digital x-rays may not be your idea of a fun afternoon, this essential diagnostic tool can prevent worse hassles down the road. Contact Mount Royal Dental today to schedule your consultation. Give us a call at (905) 581-9912 . And we are located at 2043 Mount Forest Drive, Burlington, Ontario L7P 1H4, Canada.

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