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Experienced Dentist explains the wonderful versatility of Dental X-Rays for oral health treatment

Dental Oral X-ray Treatment in Burlington Area

Seeing a dentist regularly is crucial to your long-term oral and overall health. Regular examinations, cleanings, x-rays, and preventative and reactive treatments are all important if you want to maintain a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Individuals in the Burlington, Ontario area trust their oral health to Dr. Sam Gupta and the skilled team at Mount Royal Dental. At Mount Royal Dental, Dr. Gupta works with each patient to establish long-term treatment plans which help ensure a lifetime of oral health. 

You probably understand the importance of regular examinations and cleanings. Both are necessary to keep teeth and gums in excellent shape and to detect any developing oral health issues before they can progress into something that can cause extensive damage. One such diagnostic tool that dentists have been using for many years are dental x-rays. Dental x-rays are great for detecting a number of issues that may not be apparent on the surface. 

Dental x-rays explained 

When you visit your dentist for an examination, it may be recommended that you have to undergo dental x-rays. Dentists use these in the diagnosis of dental problems in your child’s teeth and gums. As a child and teen, dental x-rays are used to track teeth development and may be able to detect if any teeth are growing in at odd angles along with other issues. They can also be used to ensure that there is proper and sufficient space in your child’s mouth for any erupting teeth. In addition, x-rays can detect decay, emerging wisdom teeth, and any teeth which have become impacted as they try to erupt from the gums.

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Dental x-rays are not just for children and teens. They can also help diagnose a variety of dental health issues in adults. In addition to showing decay, dental x-rays can detect decay underneath existing fillings, any changes in the bone due to infection, bone loss in the jaw, abscesses, cysts, and even some forms of tumors. Dental x-rays are incredibly useful to your dentist!

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