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Burlington, Ontario area dentist offers oral conscious sedation for ultimate patient comfort

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry Burlington Ontario

Patients in the Burlington Ontario area seeking a dentist who provides oral conscious sedation can schedule an appointment with the team of Mount Royal Dental. Our practice is equipped with the latest technologies, and our team provides comprehensive dental care solutions.


What is oral conscious sedation?

Sedation is a way to ensure patients are relaxed throughout their dental visit. The dental chair can bring about anxiety. With the use of oral conscious sedation, patients can be calm and comfortable as they arrive for their appointment and throughout treatment. Oral conscious sedation uses a prescription sedative that patients take prior to visiting the office for their appointment. When they arrive, they are conscious but relaxed. Patients need to arrange transportation to and from the practice.


Who is a candidate?

Most patients are appropriate candidates for oral conscious sedation. It is a stronger than nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” commonly used in dental practices. At Mount Royal Dental, we review a patient’s medical and dental history to determine if oral conscious sedation is appropriate.


Benefits of oral conscious sedation

Oral conscious sedation is:

  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting


What procedures are done with oral conscious sedation?

Patients can have anything as simple as a cleaning, examination, and x-rays performed while under sedation with oral medications, or may have a variety of procedures done in just one extended visit. This sedation is long-lasting, ensuring patients are comfortable from start to finish!


Schedule a visit today

Burlington Ontario patients are welcome to book an appointment with a dentist they know and trust. Our team of professionals at Mount Royal Dental provide oral conscious sedation to ensure patients have a positive experience in the dental chair. Call us today at (905) 581-9912 to schedule an appointment at the practice conveniently located at 2043 Mount Forest Drive.



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