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Emergency Dentist Office – Why Emergency Dental

Emergency dental services from Dentist in Burlington ON

Sometimes, situations arise where dental work cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment. Teeth serve an important function, and if they become injured, it can be painful and impact functionality. Many patients in Burlington Ontario wonder when they should make an emergency appointment at the dentist office. If you find yourself wondering, “Why Emergency Dental Care?” use the following situations as a guideline for when to call your dentist as soon as possible.   Your teeth have sustained a crack or break There are many reasons teeth can crack or break. In most situations, it’s caused by biting into something … Continue reading

Burlington, Ontario area dentist offers oral conscious sedation for ultimate patient comfort

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry Burlington Ontario

Patients in the Burlington Ontario area seeking a dentist who provides oral conscious sedation can schedule an appointment with the team of Mount Royal Dental. Our practice is equipped with the latest technologies, and our team provides comprehensive dental care solutions. What is oral conscious sedation? Sedation is a way to ensure patients are relaxed throughout their dental visit. The dental chair can bring about anxiety. With the use of oral conscious sedation, patients can be calm and comfortable as they arrive for their appointment and throughout treatment. Oral conscious sedation uses a prescription sedative that patients take prior to … Continue reading

Burlington ON dentist uses deep cleaning for recommended gum recession treatment

deep cleaning for recommended gum recession by dentist in burlington

Have you noticed that your teeth are looking larger? That your gums are pulling up further and further? If you have not seen a dentist, we recommend calling and making an appointment. This is a sign of gum disease that is headed towards tooth loss. Mount Royal Dental, located in Burlington, ON, uses deep cleaning (also called tooth scaling and root planing) as our recommended gum recession treatment. We can get your gums back to health and provide information on ways to prevent future occurrences of it. What is gum disease? Gum disease has two levels, gingivitis, and periodontitis. In … Continue reading

Help your teenager feel better about braces for his or her teeth in Burlington ON

invisalign teeth braces from dentist in burlington

One of the main reasons people need teeth braces is due to genetics. If your teenager needs braces, you can empathize, since you probably had your own growing up. You can remember the pain, the “metal mouth” nicknames and the need to avoid the snacks that you loved. Mount Royal Dental, located in Burlington ON, is committed to excellent customer service and providing a positive patient experience. We choose to offer Invisalign orthodontics. This is an ideal solution for teenagers with mild to moderate alignment issues. Advantages of Invisalign vs. metal braces: See-through: Unlike metal braces, your teenager won’t suffer … Continue reading

Residents in Burlington discover the advantages of dentures

General & Cosmetic Dental Dr Gupta showing Affordable Dentures

Losing your teeth can be a traumatic experience. Decay, disease, and injury are the top reasons people lose their teeth. Without teeth, the appearance of your face changes and your confidence may be impacted. Dentures are a way to get your smile back. Whether you are only missing a few teeth or need a full set, the dentists at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington offer a variety of denture options to suit our patients’ needs.   Dentures to suit every need   With today’s technology, dentures are now suitable for everyone and every lifestyle. Full or partial dentures are available … Continue reading

Burlington residents get same day CEREC crowns

Burlington residents get same day CEREC crowns

Time and convenience are priorities to many people. We want the ability to do anything faster. With the improvements in dental technology, Mount Royal Dental in Burlington can satisfy the need for convenience. We are proud to offer the CEREC milling machine for same day crown procedures. Advantages of CEREC crowns Like traditional crowns, CEREC crowns are protective caps. They can be used to cover a cracked tooth, an implant, or a tooth following a root canal. While traditional crowns are often made from manual impressions of your teeth and then sent off to be created by a lab, CEREC … Continue reading

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