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Burlington ON dentist uses deep cleaning for recommended gum recession treatment

deep cleaning for recommended gum recession by dentist in burlington

Have you noticed that your teeth are looking larger? That your gums are pulling up further and further? If you have not seen a dentist, we recommend calling and making an appointment. This is a sign of gum disease that is headed towards tooth loss. Mount Royal Dental, located in Burlington, ON, uses deep cleaning (also called tooth scaling and root planing) as our recommended gum recession treatment. We can get your gums back to health and provide information on ways to prevent future occurrences of it.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease has two levels, gingivitis, and periodontitis. In gingivitis, bacteria in plaque builds up. This causes gums to easily bleed during brushing and results in inflamed gums. Teeth are still firmly in their sockets. If gingivitis progresses into periodontitis, the gum and bone recede from the teeth and form pockets. The spaces then collect debris from the food you eat and bacteria thrive. The bone and tissue begins to break down.

Some causes of gum disease:

  • Genetics: Studies show that 30 percent of the population are more susceptible to gum disease no matter what their oral hygiene practices are.
  • Insufficient dental care: Inadequate brushing and flossing allows plaque to turn into tartar which then can move under your gum line causing gum recession.
  • Tobacco products: Tobacco users generate more plaque on their teeth

Treatment for beginning periodontitis:

During tooth scaling and root planing, we carefully remove the plaque and tartar on your teeth, including that which has moved under the gum line. We also smooth any exposed root area to make it difficult for the plaque and tartar to rebuild on the tooth root under the gum.
Mount Royal Dental cares about each patient as an individual. We want everyone to have the healthiest, most beautiful smile possible. Call us today to schedule your free consultation to find out how we can improve the health and look of your smile. (905) 581-9912.
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