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Painless, precise local anesthesia with the QuickSleeper 5 device at Burlington, ON dentist

Quicksleeper 5 Anesthesia Device Burlington ON area

At some point in your life, you will likely need local anesthesia for a dental procedure such as a filling or tooth repair. While anesthesia is critical for making you comfortable during your time in the dental chair, the traditional method of delivering the anesthetic is not very comfortable and can leave the whole side of your mouth numb for hours after your treatment. That’s where the QuickSleeper 5 electronic anesthesia device comes in! Dr. Sam Gupta, a dentist in Burlington, ON, uses this revolutionary device to painlessly and precisely numb patients’ mouths with almost instantaneous results. How QuickSleeper 5 … Continue reading

Burlington ON dentist uses deep cleaning for recommended gum recession treatment

deep cleaning for recommended gum recession by dentist in burlington

Have you noticed that your teeth are looking larger? That your gums are pulling up further and further? If you have not seen a dentist, we recommend calling and making an appointment. This is a sign of gum disease that is headed towards tooth loss. Mount Royal Dental, located in Burlington, ON, uses deep cleaning (also called tooth scaling and root planing) as our recommended gum recession treatment. We can get your gums back to health and provide information on ways to prevent future occurrences of it. What is gum disease? Gum disease has two levels, gingivitis, and periodontitis. In … Continue reading

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