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Help your teenager feel better about braces for his or her teeth in Burlington ON

invisalign teeth braces from dentist in burlington

One of the main reasons people need teeth braces is due to genetics. If your teenager needs braces, you can empathize, since you probably had your own growing up. You can remember the pain, the “metal mouth” nicknames and the need to avoid the snacks that you loved. Mount Royal Dental, located in Burlington ON, is committed to excellent customer service and providing a positive patient experience. We choose to offer Invisalign orthodontics. This is an ideal solution for teenagers with mild to moderate alignment issues.

Advantages of Invisalign vs. metal braces:

  • See-through: Unlike metal braces, your teenager won’t suffer the stigma of a metal smile. Only a close observer will know that he or she is wearing them. Invisalign aligners are made from clear, comfortable plastic.
  • Comfort: Unlike traditional braces, the smooth plastic ensures that gums and cheeks don’t have sore spots like metal braces can cause. Also, unlike metal braces, there are no wires being tightened. Every two weeks your teenager will wear a new aligner tray. This eliminates the pain associated with wire tightening.
  • Easily removable: While Invisalign compliance requires 20-22 hours of wear a day, the aligners are removed for eating. This means that foods don’t need to be avoided. Popcorn and sticky foods can be easily eaten without worries. Also, it eliminates the embarrassment of food becoming stuck in the wires or brackets of traditional braces.
  • Better oral hygiene: The aligners are removed to brush and floss. The frustration of attempting to care for teeth around traditional braces is eliminated.
  • Faster: Instead of the two years or more that you probably wore your traditional braces, your teen will be done in 12 to 18 months.

We love seeing the confidence a straight smile can give! Call us at (905) 581-9912 to schedule your free consultation today.

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