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If You Need a Filling but Want to Maintain a White Smile, Consider White Composite Fillings

White Composite Filling in Burlington ON Area

For many years, the standard in the dental industry for fillings was a metal amalgam. Even today, there are still some dentists out there that utilize this form of filling. Most dentists, including Dr. Sam Gupta of Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario, prefer white composite fillings. Not only is this form of filling material non-toxic, but it can also be matched to the shade of your tooth. Composite fillings are great for those with metal allergies, and you do not have to worry about the drawback of mercury, which is present in amalgam.

How Long Does It Take to Restore Teeth with Composite Fillings?

If you have tooth decay or damage, Dr. Sam Gupta will examine your tooth to establish whether it can be restored with a filling. If the damage is extensive, you may need a dental crown.

Installing composite fillings is a one-visit appointment. After numbing your gums, we remove a small portion of the decayed part and fill it with composite resin. Then we use a curing light to harden the composite resin, after which we shape and polish your teeth for a stunning smile.

Is Composite Resin Material Durable?

Since composite resin is easily moulded, you may think it isn’t long-lasting. While composite resin is metal-free, it’s durable enough to last for over ten years with proper care. Better yet, composite fillings are strong enough to treat cavities in your posterior teeth, where the stress of chewing and grinding is immense.

What are the Other Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings?

While metal fillings are shunned for their safety record, that’s hardly the only drawback. Silver-coloured fillings don’t blend with your smile—they are dark-coloured, making them stand out whenever you open your mouth. In contrast, composite fillings are natural-looking. They are hard to distinguish from your natural teeth.

The other benefits of composite fillings include:

  • Safer — there are no known safety concerns for composite fillings.
  • ConservativeDr. Gupta preserves much of your tooth when filling it out with composite resin. Keeping much of your tooth intact maintains its structural integrity.
  • Better protection against infections — unlike amalgam fillings, white fillings don’t expand or contract as temperatures change. This seals your tooth out against bacteria.
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Are you looking for dental fillings that treat your tooth decay or damage without compromising your safety? Consider metal-free dental fillings from Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario. Please call (905) 581-9912 today for an appointment.

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