Dental Implants Restore Burlington, ON Teeth

Missing teeth are not only a confidence-reducing aesthetic issue, but they can also threaten the integrity of your remaining teeth. Your teeth work together as a team, and when one or several are missing, the others can start to drift. This drift can lead to gaps, misalignment, or loss of teeth and eventually erode the jawbone, resulting in the need to remove more teeth.

Dr. Sam Gupta at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, ON, offers the most reliable restorations available for patients with missing teeth — dental implants. Dental implants are anchored to your jawbone, giving them strength and durability comparable to natural teeth.

What to Expect from Dental Implants

Dr. Gupta offers gentle, patient-oriented care, providing conservative treatments that will hopefully last for years. Dental implants are a celebrated solution for patients missing teeth, as they can reliably restore the look, feel, and function of your bite, and they come the closest to approximating the strength of your natural teeth.

Implants are anchored into your jawbone. This process begins with a small incision made in your gums. The area is numbed so that you will feel no discomfort. Dr. Gupta uses that incision to drill a tiny hole in your jawbone, into which he will insert a biocompatible titanium rod. You will leave with a temporary crown. Over the next few weeks, your incision will heal, and your jawbone will naturally integrate the rod into your bone, firmly anchoring it in your jaw. You will return once the healing is complete, and Dr. Gupta will gently screw on a custom-made crown, restoring the look and feel of your natural smile.

Dental Implants and filling the gaps from missing teeth in Burlington explained by Dr. Sam Gupta

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Dr. Sam Gupta from Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, Ontario uses three systems in his office for Dental Implants, ASTRA, NOBEL BIOCARE and DENTSPLY ANKYLOS IMPLANTS - all made in Germany. A Dental Implant is the closest alternative to a natural tooth that modern Dentistry has to offer. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation today at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington to learn more about Dental Implants that matches your need.

Do you do Dental Implants in your office?
Yes, we do dental implants. We use 3 systems in our office all three of them are made in Germany.
-Nobel Biocare
-Dentsply Ankylos Implants

Why use dental implants?
We use dental implants for a variety of reasons. some patients are missing a single tooth and they want an implant for that, some have loose dentures and they want their dentures to be better fitting so we secure the denture with an implant so that it will not rock.

What is All-On-4 implants?
Sometimes people come in and say I don’t like my teeth I have a few left can you remove all of them but I want something fided in my mouth by the time I walk out and for them, we do what is called an all-on-four.

We remove all the remaining teeth if necessary and put 4 implants and fix a denture in the mouth that they don’t have to remove.

Are there restrictions on this?
There are a lot of restrictions, but it all applies to individual cases. Like certain medications, they are taking and if they have enough bones.

If they don’t have enough bone, then we have to grow it as we cannot put an implant there. These are the two most common reasons.

With your final crown in place, you will be able to return to everyday life. Care and maintenance for your implant amount to little more than standard brushing and flossing and regular check-ups with Dr. Gupta. If your crown should become damaged or fractured, it can be removed and replaced. With proper care, however, your implant should last many, many years.

Patients with missing teeth or who may need to have a tooth removed can schedule an appointment with Dr. Gupta today to discuss the benefits of implants and to determine if they are the right restoration option for you. To schedule, a consultation call Mount Royal Dental at (905) 581-9912.