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We are now a healthystart approved clinic that helps correct oral habits and helps with many issues children face like snoring, sleep apnea, bed-wetting, irritability, etc.

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Latest Technology for Teeth Cleaning with GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy)

Warm water and air polishing for a comfortable and sensitivity-free experience

This is a true GAME CHANGER to take smiles to new heights with a modern and patient friendly approach to optimal oral health and improved general health. If you need local anesthesia for cleaning your teeth or find the ultrasonic/cavitron too sensitive for your teeth and wish there was a better alternative, then give this technology a try, and you will be amazed.

Dental Hygiene Care Guided Biofilm Therapy Near Me In, Burlington ON

At Mount Royal Dental, we are privileged to elevate your family’s oral health and smile aesthetics to new heights. Led by Dr. Sam Gupta, our team is supported in this noble mission by advanced technologies and techniques. We are pleased to introduce GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY (aka GBT) to our patients in Burlington, Ontario, and the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. These investments are meaningful; they facilitate utmost comfort, safety, and optimal treatment outcomes with their use at each of your dental hygiene appointments.

One of the biggest contributing problems to dental diseases (cavities, periodontal disease (bone/gum disease) and peri-implant infections) is bacterial biofilm.

“Biofilm” refers to colonies of bacteria that coalesce and attach to moist surfaces. Our mouths are perfect areas for these bacterial biofilms to grow and cause disease since it is warm, dark, and wet. In the past, biofilm in the mouth has commonly been referred to as “plaque.” Bacterial plaque constantly forms on the teeth and all oral tissues, such as the tongue and oral mucosa. Even with consistent brushing and flossing, this biofilm is not gone for long. Due to this characteristic, regular home care must be complemented by professional hygiene appointments to get into areas that are almost impossible to reach with good routines at home. This partnership is truly the key to oral health. Without professional care, biofilm can build up and wreak havoc–causing potential inflammation, infection, and even the loss of teeth and dental implants.

The Solution: GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY at your Dental Hygiene Visits

Guided Biofilm Therapy Near Me In, Burlington ON

GBT follows an 8-Step protocol taking you on a journey to optimum oral health, improved general health and a lasting, beautiful smile

  1. A complete oral health assessment to screen for signs of gum disease and lifestyle factors that may increase your risk of dental disease and contribute to more serious general health conditions. Early detection is crucial in eliminating and preventing infection.
  2. An organic dye is applied to the teeth to make the biofilm (commonly referred to as plaque) visible and highlights the areas which need more attention. When the biofilm, which is usually invisible, is highlighted, it guides the dental hygiene therapy for the appointment to ensure all the biofilm is removed.
  3. Now that we can see the normally invisible biofilm, we will work together to identify ways to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Good daily home care will reduce the risk of developing dental disease.
  4. AIRFLOW technology with erythritol powder removes the biofilm and stain from your teeth, tongue and surrounding soft tissues using a gentle jet of air and warm water.

AIR-FLOW® Therapy - AIR-FLOW® therapy refers to a cutting-edge device and powder which quickly, gently, and thoroughly removes biofilm. In turn, AIR-FLOW® provides therapeutic benefits beyond “conventional” cleaning techniques to remove stains and polish the teeth. This characteristic leads to better clinical outcomes for every patient.

  • Safe – The result of considerable R&D, this blend of technology and advanced erythritol powder is gentle. It is safe on teeth and gum tissue and is not abrasive to restorative and bonding materials.
  • Comfortable – AIR-FLOW® involves applying a mix of water, air, and powder to hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. The powder is fine (not chunky or gritty), and the application of this mixture feels like warm water being sprayed on the teeth and gums. This spray then breaks down and flushes away biofilm, precisely yet painlessly.

Removing biofilm

Removing biofilm Dr. Sam Gupta from Mount Royal Dental near Burlington
Check out how we take biofilm removal to incredible levels with versatile, cutting-edge AIR-FLOW® therapy to give you the brightest smile!

So, this is where we start the cleaning process, and it is completely different to the old-fashioned methods of curettage and hand scaling. So, here I’m using a tool called AIR-FLOW® MAX which acts like a warm jack wash for inside the mouth, and it uses a combination of warm water and tiny soluble and antimicrobial powder. AIR-FLOW® MAX will remove one hundred percent of the biofilm from the teeth, and all of the surrounding tissues, including underneath the gums, where it’s dark, warm, and the biofilm really likes to hide. Also, using the AIR-FLOW® MAX not just to take the biofilm away but it takes the stains away as well. So, the mouth looks and feels super clean afterwards. It’s very comfortable for the patient. It’s gentle, it’s efficient, it’s very safe with no abrasion or damage to the tooth surface at all.

AIR-FLOW® is versatile. All patients of Mount Royal will benefit from this effective, comprehensive, well-tolerated guided therapy such as:
  • Patients with implants – AIR-FLOW® cleans without irritating or damaging the implant. Late-stage implant failures occur when biofilm builds up and produces a gum disease-like inflammation called “peri-implantitis.” Our state-of-the-art therapeutic approach adapts around implants, assuring all crevices and curves are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Patients with veneers, crowns, and other restorations – Protect your investment! Unlike coarse prophy pastes and other abrasive powders, our solution is gentle without sacrificing cleaning efficacy during your hygiene appointment.

AIR-FLOW® on Implant-Supported Dentures

AIR-FLOW® on Implant Supported Dentures
This is how we use AIR-FLOW® to clean implant-supported dentures without damaging them, ensuring that all crevices and curves are cleaned properly.

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  • Children and adults undergoing orthodontic treatment – Patients of all ages who are straightening their teeth with braces, aligners, or retainers can benefit! AIR-FLOW® therapy reaches around cumbersome brackets, wires, and other hardware. It has never been easier for patients to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy during treatment. Plus, this safe approach does not wear down or damage vital components needed for effective bite correction.

AIR-FLOW® on Orthodontic patients

AIR-FLOW® on Optho patient
See how AIR-FLOW® therapy reaches around brackets, wires, and other hardware to benefit patients of all ages who are straightening their teeth with braces, aligners, or retainers.

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  • Patients with active gum disease – AIR-FLOW® works wonders in clearing harmful biofilm from deep periodontal pockets. It reduces inflammation and helps patients undergoing maintenance therapy stay on the right track.

  1. If required, the PERIOFLOW will be used to disrupt the biofilm from the gum pocket carefully
  2. PIEZON is used to remove the remaining hard deposits. Targeted, painless, and gentle removal of calculus
  3. A thorough final check is done to ensure all the biofilm and deposits have been removed, and the teeth and soft tissues are healthy and problem free
  4. In partnership with your hygienist, a professional hygiene care interval that is appropriate for your oral health needs will be established.
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 Dr. Sam Gupta
Dr. Sam Gupta is a highly sought after dentist in Burlington, Ontario. Having graduated with honours from the University of Toronto, and having a knack for both science and artistry, he offers dental solutions for everyone in the family, whether it’s in general, cosmetic, laser, or children’s dentistry. Dr. Gupta has won many accolades, among which is a gold medal for excellence in oral medicine and diagnosis. He shares his knowledge with students at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry.

He is ably assisted by Dr. Liliana Otrocol, Dr. Swati Khanna, Dr. Hina Sohail, Dr. Abhishek Apratim, Dr. Shakti Singh, Dr. Robert Barron, Dr. Amy Yeung, and Dr. Elizabeth Geisler. Together, they provide top dental services to the people of the area.

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