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The Mount Royal Dental Tooth Fairy

Dental Offers Burlington ON - Tooth Fairy The tooth fairy at Mount Royal Dental has some surprises for many of you. See what applies to you from below and mention the tooth fairy icon during your next visit to avail your surprise.

  1. We cherish seeing our patients enjoy good oral health and preventative care. Upon mentioning the tooth fairy icon at your next complete dental examination and professional teeth cleaning you shall receive an oral B professional series electric tooth brush (a $125 value). Remember a complete oral exam is recommended every 3-5 years. The appointment entails a complete head and neck examination, oral cancer screening and thorough assessment of your gums and teeth.
  2. For people who have successfully quit smoking for a year, you will be eligible for a no charge home bleaching kit (a $350 value). Once you inform us of your success and we see improvements in your oral hygiene, you shall be gifted the kit upon mentioning the tooth fairy icon. It is our way to congratulate you on your achievement.
  3. For those of you who are soon to be married, we offer a complimentary polish within two weeks of your day, provided that you are up to date with your preventative care appointments. Just mention the tooth fairy icon along with your wedding date to book an appointment. A small present from us for your big day!
  4. For all children playing a team sport that requires a mouthguard, we shall provide custom mouth guards at $50/child for the entire team. It is one of our ways to create awareness of practicing safety in sports!

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