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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Treatment

Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Root Canal Treatment Video

Specialized root canal therapy available in Burlington

Root Canal Burlington ON - Dentist Examinig a Patient Root canal therapy gets you out of discomfort quickly, and lets you keep a natural tooth, rather than having it extracted. The procedure feels about like getting a filling; treatment just takes a little longer. In the experienced care of one of our general dentists or our endodontist, root canal therapy at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington is nothing to fear.

Root canal basics

A smooth layer of enamel protects the hard dentin structure of a tooth. At the core is a hollow chamber filled with pulp that carries blood supply to nerves. The nerves are housed in canals that travel to the roots of the tooth.

When decay, fracture, or breakage breaches the dentin layer, harmful bacteria make their way to the pulp chamber. The resulting infection inflames nerves. Pain may be acute with it accompanies an abscess, or a dull or intermittent toothache.

Root canal therapy at Mount Royal Dental

Root Canal Burlington ON - Root Canal Procedure

Our top priority is to get you out of discomfort with pain medications and antibiotics if needed. The area is thoroughly numbed, and the tooth is opened, which alleviates pressure from infection. Using special instruments, the dentist removes pulp and nerves, and all traces of infection, effectively eliminating the source of pain. Root canals are sterilized, and the tooth is sealed. In many cases, we are able to provide the final protective crown at the same visit, utilizing in-house CEREC technology.

For your comfort and wellbeing

Our general dentists handle most root canal therapy, and we have an endodontist on staff for complex root canal treatments. You may choose from several sedation options to relax for the procedure, and we utilize a DentalVibe device to take the pinch out of injections. Slip earbuds in and watch your favorite movie on Netflix while we work.

Call Mount Royal Dental at (905) 581-9912 to become a patient. If you ever need root canal therapy, you will be in good hands.


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