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Game-Changing Technologies at Mount Royal Dental

When looking for a dentist in your area who is right for you, one thing you should consider is the instruments and technologies they use. At Mount Royal Dental, we employ the latest dental technologies for our patients. Our technology has been chosen to make the patient experience more comfortable and convenient.

Fotona Light Walker Laser

Fotona Light Walker Laser The Fotona LightWalker Laser is a comprehensive technology that has truly transformed how dentists can perform basic and complex dental procedures from their offices. What results is a laser device that is all-inclusive and has proven to provide a dental experience that is more comfortable for the patient, resulting in safer procedures, allowing more accuracy, and promoting faster healing for the patient compared to other available laser treatments.

The Benefits of Fotona LightWalker Laser

These are some of the benefits patients enjoy when choosing a dentist who uses the Fotona LightWalker Laser technology:

  • Less pain during treatment
  • Reduced swelling after treatment
  • Fast healing time
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Reduced post-treatment complications
  • Less trauma to surrounding dental tissue
  • No anesthesia required
  • Safer – no thermal burden on your tooth or the tooth’s pulp, which may occur with other lasers

Fotona Light Walker Laser, SEM images
Most patients are eligible for laser dental treatment. At Mount Royal Dental, we use the Fotona LightWalker Laser for several kinds of treatment, including operative dentistry, periodontics, cosmetics, endodontics, and more. You could be coming in for a simple filling or a root canal, both of which can be accomplished using laser dentistry. Fotona LightWalker Laser dentistry can be used for:

  • Conservative dentistry
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Gum-related procedures
  • Soft-tissue surgery
  • Implantology
  • Aesthetic treatments
  • Photobiomodulation (pain reduction treatment)
  • Assists the healing of some soft-tissue lesions (Aphthous ulcers, cold sores)
  • NightLase - Snoring reduction
  • Numbing the gum prior to anesthesia

Fotona Lightwalker at Mount Royal Dental at Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

People who snore and suffer from insufficient sleep are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as from cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life and productivity. An estimated 5-7 million adults in Canada have a sleep or wakefulness disorder. Notably, snoring is a major indicator of obstructive sleep apnea. The NightLase Snoring Treatment with the Lightwalker Laser lessens the effects of sleep apnea and decreases the amplitude of snoring. No anesthesia is used in this treatment. The NightLase Snoring treatment uses laser light to cause tightening of the tissue, which opens the airways and attenuates the sound of the patient's snoring, and lessens the effects of sleep apnea.

Fotona Lightwalker at Mount Royal Dental at Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

GBT Logo Guided Biofilm Therapy - GBT

Warm water and air polishing for a comfortable and sensitivity-free experience.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) facilitates a comfortable, safe, and sensitivity-free experience and optimal treatment outcomes with your dental hygiene appointments.

The eight-step GBT protocol

The eight-step protocol followed by GBT for optimum oral health, improved general health, and a lasting, beautiful smile: Guided Biofilm Therapy Near Me In, Burlington ON
  1. Oral health assessment to screen for signs of gum disease and lifestyle factors that may increase your risk of dental disease and cause more serious general health conditions.
  2. An organic dye is applied to the teeth to make the biofilm visible and highlight the areas needing more attention.
  3. Identify ways to keep your mouth clean and healthy with good daily home care.
  4. AIRFLOW technology removes the biofilm and stains from your teeth, tongue, and surrounding soft tissues with a gentle jet of air and warm water.
  5. If required, the PERIOFLOW will be used to disrupt the biofilm from the gum pocket.
  6. PIEZON removes the remaining hard deposits, like calculus, gently and painlessly.
  7. A thorough final check is done to ensure all the biofilm and deposits have been removed and the teeth and soft tissues are healthy and problem-free.
  8. A professional hygiene care interval that meets your oral health needs will be set up in partnership with your hygienist.

What is AIRFLOW therapy?

AIRFLOW therapy is a cutting-edge device with erythritol powder that quickly, gently, and thoroughly removes biofilm. It provides extraordinary therapeutic benefits, including cleaning techniques to remove stains and polish the teeth, leading to better clinical outcomes.

GBT at Mount Royal Dental at Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile – Is effective on patients with dental implants, veneers, crowns, and other restorations; children and adults undergoing orthodontic treatment; and gum disease patients.
  • Is suitable for patients who need local anesthesia for teeth cleaning or find the ultrasonic/cavitron too sensitive for their teeth.
Airflow Prophylaxis Device

AIR-FLOW® on Implant-Supported Dentures

AIR-FLOW® on Implant Supported Dentures
This is how we use AIR-FLOW® to clean implant-supported dentures without damaging them, ensuring that all crevices and curves are cleaned properly.

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AIR-FLOW® on Orthodontic patients

AIR-FLOW® on Optho patient
See how AIR-FLOW® therapy reaches around brackets, wires, and other hardware to benefit patients of all ages who are straightening their teeth with braces, aligners, or retainers.

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What is bacterial biofilm?

One of the biggest contributors to dental diseases (cavities; periodontal, bone, and gum disease) and peri-implant infections, ‘Biofil’ (plaque) refers to colonies of bacteria that join and attach to moist surfaces. A warm, dark, wet mouth is a perfect spot for these bacterial biofilms to grow and cause diseases. Bacterial plaque constantly forms on the teeth and all dental tissues, such as the tongue and oral mucosa. It will re-occur even with consistent brushing and flossing. Thus, regular home care must be complemented by professional hygiene appointments to reach inaccessible areas in the mouth. Without professional care, biofilm can build up and wreak havoc, causing inflammation, infection, and even the loss of teeth and dental implants.

  • Before and After Images 1 Guided Biofilm Therapy Burlington ON
  • Before and After Images 2 Guided Biofilm Therapy Burlington ON
  • Before and After Images 3 Guided Biofilm Therapy Burlington ON
  • Before and After Images 4 Guided Biofilm Therapy Burlington ON
GBT Brochure

LightForce Orthodontics

LightForce Orthodontics Near Me In, Burlington ON

The LightForce experience

LightForce braces are precision designed using 3D printing, facilitating maximum quality control and a personalized experience. The brackets and other components are custom-designed for each person, unlike most other braces, which are mass-produced.

The benefits of LightForce include:

  • More accurate repositioning of the teeth
  • Faster treatment
  • Fewer follow-up visits to the orthodontist for adjustments
  • Greater comfort due to customization
  • Better aesthetics: You can be as bold or discreet as you like.

Shining light on the LightForce™ experience

The “magic” of LightForce™ comes from its precision design. These braces are made by using 3D printing. This process allows for maximum quality control, as well as for a truly personalized experience. The brackets and other components used to reposition teeth are made to fit each patient’s unique specifications. With other types of braces, the brackets are mass-produced. Since they are designed to fit “all mouths,” they fit “no mouth.”

Additionally, LightForce™ Orthodontics is not “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to aesthetics. Other orthodontic options may only offer one bracket colour. LightForce™ acknowledges that some patients may desire a bolder look, whereas others may wish to straighten their teeth as discreetly as possible. For the former group, we may recommend white-coloured “Cloud” brackets. For patients who desire the latter, we recommend the “Light” bracket, which is translucent.

LightForce Treatment at Mount Royal Dental at Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

LightForce Treatment at Mount Royal Dental at Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


Icon procedure Near Me In, Burlington ON Treat aesthetic issues like white spot lesions. We use Icon, an advanced, minimally invasive procedure that can eradicate these spots without pain or prolonged treatment, leaving you with a brilliant smile.

Icon uses a resin infiltrant, which penetrates problem enamel, reducing the appearance of white spots. It preserves healthy tooth structure and can arrest white spots while they are developing, preventing them from worsening. Icon is a long-term treatment, unlike whitening, which lasts up to six years.

What are white spot lesions?

White spot lesions are a common aesthetic issue for many patients. They occur particularly among post-orthodontic patients who have recently completed braces treatment. These spots are unsightly, chalky-looking deposits on the surface of teeth that can reduce confidence for people, making them self-conscious about their smiles. Luckily, you don’t need to feel that way anymore.

White spot lesions result from an issue with your enamel that prevents teeth from absorbing calcium and other ions. They appear white due to the interaction of light with your demineralized tooth. Icon is an effective treatment against these white spots. It also works on those just completing their orthodontics therapies.


QuickSleeper procedure Near Me In, Burlington ON The QuickSleeper is an electronic pen that facilitates local dental anesthesia without failure, pain, or stress. Electronically-assisted injections allow unprecedented comfort that you cannot get with a manual injection. The device addresses dental phobia, which makes some people extremely fearful or nervous about dental visits. With QuickSleeper’s advanced technology, you will not feel a thing. It is fast-acting but doesn’t leave any collateral numbness or unpleasantness. You can resume your normal activities almost immediately and for children, there is no risk of biting themselves.

What is dental phobia?

Dental phobia - fear of the dentist and dental anxiety - is common for a large part of the population. It can lead to serious consequences like people delaying or foregoing much-needed dental care. It is compounded by the fear of needles where anesthesia can’t be administered as injections. QuickSleeper is the solution for all these.

iTero® intraoral scanner

Precision guaranteed

iTero intraoral procedure Near Me In, Burlington ON The iTero intraoral scanner makes high-resolution digital impressions quick and comfortable, enabling precise treatment planning.

It provides detailed 3D, distortion-free images of soft tissues and dentition. These panoramic digital impressions enable better-fitting appliances to achieve treatment goals efficiently. The scanner is used for dental crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, dental implants, and orthodontics.

It is especially beneficial in Invisalign treatments as it can:
  • Show patients what the outcome will look like.
  • Ensure faster lab turnaround.
  • Reduce issues with aligner fit.
  • Speeds checkups by about 50 percent.

The iTero intraoral scanner does away with the traditional dental impressions procedure, which involves a multi-step process using a gooey medium. There were many instances where errors may have occurred in this process due to inaccurate impression set-ups, such as precision of the pour, length of time the material was in the patient’s mouth, and office temperature. The intraoral scanner eliminates all these issues, leading to an accurate outcome.

Benefits for patients

  • A dental appliance that fits well and enables effective results
  • Comfortable process with no gag reflex
  • Two sizes of tips to suit all mouths, with each tip sterilized to eliminate cross-contamination
  • Viewable images aid in patient education and clear communication.

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

Cone Beam Computed Tomography procedure Near Me In, Burlington ON 3D diagnostic imaging enables high-resolution visuals that aid in precise treatment planning. It helps the dentist get a better overall view of your teeth and surrounding areas, including your entire mouth, jaws, nose, and throat, in three dimensions. These images show the bone, airway, surrounding soft tissues, and any dental work you may have. It uses very low levels of radiation and is completely safe. The procedure will take only about 20-40 seconds and is quick and painless.

Digitally Guided Dental Implants
The next generation of guided surgery.

Digitally Guided Dental Implants procedure Near Me In, Burlington ON Implant Surgical Guides help make implant dentistry a more precise science, improving the odds of a better outcome. Thanks to the latest advances in computer imaging technology and software sophistication, implant guides save time and money. While physical impressions remain a vital tool, 3D imaging is taking implant dentistry to the next level. Call our office to learn more about the modern way of doing dental implants.

VELscope cancer screening

VELscope cancer screening procedure Near Me In, Burlington ON The VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System is a wireless handheld device that relies on natural tissue fluorescence to improve a dentist’s ability to identify oral abnormalities that are generally not visible to the naked eye. The laser equipment is one of the most widely-used adjunctive tools in the world to visualize oral tissue abnormalities. It’s convenient, fast, easy to use, and it utilizes simple technology. It helps the early detection of oral cancers, which goes a long way toward successful treatment.

Invisalign: A clear choice for straightening

Invisalign: A clear choice for straightening, Burlington ON

Invisalign technology

We start by taking three-dimensional impressions of your mouth. A robust computer software program turns these images into your customized Invisalign treatment plan, designing a series of aligners that gently and gradually move teeth into proper alignment. You wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before progressing to the next stage.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Clear. The aligners are made of transparent plastic that is barely noticeable. Plus, with the Invisalign system, you can see your smile changing “real time.”
  • Functional. Most patients adapt quickly to speaking and drinking water with aligners inserted.
  • Easy care. We show you how to care for your aligners to keep them clear and smelling fresh.
  • Comfortable. The BPA-free plastic is smooth. There are no brackets or wires to irritate soft tissues and no wire tightening appointments.
  • Removable. You take aligners out to eat the foods you love and to keep your mouth sparkling clean with home care and regular hygiene appointments.
  • Convenient. You are scheduled for brief appointments every six weeks, so that the dentist may review your progress and encourage you to remain compliant, wearing the aligners at least 20 to 22 hours a day.
Each patient is different, but a typical Invisalign treatment plan takes about a year. Most individuals with healthy teeth and gums are good candidates, from minor misalignment to complex cases. Invisalign is also a good choice for the former orthodontic patient who has not worn his or her retainer and has found that teeth have shifted.

 Dr. Sam Gupta
Dr. Sam Gupta is a highly sought after dentist in Burlington, Ontario. Having graduated with honours from the University of Toronto, and having a knack for both science and artistry, he offers dental solutions for everyone in the family, whether it’s in general, cosmetic, laser, or children’s dentistry. Dr. Gupta has won many accolades, among which is a gold medal for excellence in oral medicine and diagnosis. He shares his knowledge with students at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry.

He is ably assisted by Dr. Liliana Otrocol, Dr. Swati Khanna, Dr. Hina Sohail, Dr. Abhishek Apratim, Dr. Shakti Singh, Dr. Robert Barron, Dr. Amy Yeung, and Dr. Elizabeth Geisler. Together, they provide top dental services to the people of the area.

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