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Technologies at Mount Royal Dental


The QuickSleeper is an electronic pen which enables local dental anesthesia to be performed without failure, pain or stress.

The QuickSleeper is an electronic pen which enables local dental anesthesia to be performed without failure


Fear of the dentist is a well known phobia which concerns an important share of the population. This pathology can lead to serious consequences for your oral health. Today, there is a solution that will make you forget the fear of needles : QuickSleeper.


The QuickSleeper is an electronic pen which enables local dental anesthesia to be performed without failure, pain or stress. Electronically assisted injections allow unprecedented comfort that you cannot get with a manual injection


With QuickSleeper’s advance technology, you will not feel a thing!


With QuickSleeper, there is no more waiting time after your anaesthesia injection.


With QuickSleeper, there is no collateral numbness or unpleasant feelings. You can go back to normal activities right after you leave your appointment and for children, there is no risk of biting themselves

Dental technologies are continually evolving, driving the profession to higher levels of patient care. Here are some examples of the technologies found at Mount Royal Dental, applied for the comfort and convenience of patients, and outstanding treatment outcomes.

  • CBCT scanning – 3D diagnostic imaging for high resolution images that aid in precise treatment planning. It helps the dentist see your teeth and surrounding area in 3-dimensions.
  • Dental vibe – Gently massages the injection area to minimize pinch or any sensation of discomfort.
  • Digital dentures – Computer designed and digitally fabricated dentures with precision fit.
  • Digital x-rays – Incredibly clear images, with much lower radiation exposure.
  • Intraoral camera – A pen-sized device that gives your dentist a good look at the inside of the mouth (teeth and soft tissues), for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Invisalign – A transparent, removable alternative to braces. Helps straighten teeth without anyone knowing.
  • Laser dentistry – Gentle therapies for gum disease and other oral conditions, that reduce bleeding and speed healing.
  • Mini dental implants – Placed in a minimally-invasive procedure, usually with just one visit, and a short recovery period, these implants hold dentures securely.
  • Precision dentistry – High power microscopes give our dentists a micro-view of their work. Electric hand pieces eliminate the unsettling whine of a drill, and allow a higher level off exactness.
  • Snoring and OSA appliances – Discreet appliances, about the size of mouth guards, reposition the jaw so you and your bed mate sleep more soundly. A great alternate to CPAP for sleep apnea.
  • SpaDent teeth whitening – Get a gleaming smile with light-activated whitening, in less than an hour, and no sensitivity!
  • VELscope cancer screening – A fast, laser light examination that helps the dentist spot soft tissue abnormalities early.

Burlington ON dental practice introduces iTero® intraoral scanner

Mount Royal Dental is pleased to introduce new technology in their Burlington ON office, with big advantages for patients. The iTero intraoral scanner makes high resolution digital impressions quick and comfortable, for precise treatment planning.

About the equipment

The purpose of this intraoral scanner is to provide detailed three-dimensional, distortion-free images of soft tissues and dentition. These digital impressions help your dentist design better-fitting appliances to achieve treatment goals efficiently.

Using a small wand, the dentist takes video at a rate of 6,000 frames per second, coupled with robust computer software to create a virtual copy of your mouth. Still images can be isolated, as well. The electronic file is easily saved. It travels in minutes to the dental laboratory where appliances are fabricated, and can be sent to your other medical providers for integrated care.

iTero intraoral scanner

How it is used

Historically, dental impressions were made with a multi-step process involving a gooey medium. There were plenty of opportunities for inaccuracy from the impression not setting up correctly – precision of the pour, length of time the material was in the patient’s mouth, and office temperature. An intraoral scanner eliminates imprecise, time-consuming steps and contributes to an accurate outcome.

Scanning technology is beneficial in any circumstance in which a precise, panoramic view of the mouth aids in treatment. The iTero scanner is used for dental crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, dental implants, and orthodontics.

Our dentists are especially excited about iTero’s Invisalign connectivity, using the scanner to:

  • Show patients what treatment outcome will look like.
  • Ensure faster lab turnaround.
  • Reduce issues with the fit of aligners.
  • Make checkups about 50 percent faster.

Patient benefits

The process is comfortable, with two sizes of tips to accommodate all mouths, and it doesn’t stimulate gag reflex. Plus, each sterile tip is sealed in packaging to essentially eliminate risk of cross contamination. Viewable images aid in patient education, helping you and your dentist communicate clearly. Most importantly, you get a dental appliance that fits well and effectively accomplishes treatment.

Schedule an appointment at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington ON to learn more about intraoral scanning technology. The number is (905) 581-9912 .

 Dr. Sam Gupta
Dr. Sam Gupta is a highly sought after dentist in Burlington, Ontario. Having graduated with honours from the University of Toronto, and having a knack for both science and artistry, he offers dental solutions for everyone in the family, whether it’s in general, cosmetic, laser, or children’s dentistry. Dr. Gupta has won many accolades, among which is a gold medal for excellence in oral medicine and diagnosis. He shares his knowledge with students at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Dentistry.

He is ably assisted by Dr. Liliana Otrocol, Dr. Swati Khanna, Dr. Hina Sohail, Dr. Abhishek Apratim, Dr. Shakti Singh, Dr. Robert Barron, Dr. Amy Yeung, and Dr. Elizabeth Geisler. Together, they provide top dental services to the people of the area.

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