Get Advanced Treatment for White Spot Lesions in Burlington, ON

White spot lesions are a common aesthetic issue shared by many patients. They are particularly common among post-orthodontic patients who have recently had their braces off. White spot lesions are unsightly, chalky-looking deposits on the surface of your teeth that can reduce confidence and make you self-conscious about your smile. Luckily, you don’t need to live with those feelings anymore.

Dr. Sam Gupta at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington, ON, provides treatments for aesthetic issues like white spot lesions. In many cases, he uses Icon, an advanced, minimally invasive procedure that can eradicate white spot lesions without pain or prolonged treatment, leaving you with a brilliant smile.

How Icon Works, Advanced Treatment for White Spot Lesions in Burlington

How Icon Works

White spot lesions result from an issue with your enamel that blocks your tooth from absorbing calcium and other ions. The white-ish appearance is the result of light’s interaction with your demineralized tooth. Icon uses a resin infiltrant, which penetrates trouble enamel, fading the appearance of white spots. It preserves the healthy tooth structure and can arrest white spots while still developing and keeping the problem from worsening.

Icon is a long-term treatment solution, unlike whitening. It will last for up to six years, and most patients will see results after a single visit.

Watch as little Ikey’s mom Tracey describes his wonderful experience with Icon.

Icon: Revolutionary Caries Treatment
Having your cavities removed is sometimes a terrifying experience for children and adults alike. Bad experiences get narrated as horror stories and often frighten the next generation into anxieties about dentistry. But with Icon, this lucky little boy had no trouble whatsoever and his mom is absolutely thrilled to know that he was pain-free and even was excited about his treatment.

My son Ikey was afraid in the beginning to hear that he had a cavity but after we told him that there was a new product that would be able to film the cavity without shots and without the drill Ikey was very thrilled he was excited to be someone trying a new thing so in is mind he is a hot shot to have this new thing done. It was very fast, not very much time in the chair at all and then he was done and he was very happy that he was such a brave boy and it didn’t hurt at all.

Every parent is afraid that their kid is going to be getting cavities and go through the pain of having them filled and this is so easy. I think it definitely pays to make sure your dentist is using these cutting technology break-throughs so that their kids don’t have to go through pain that they may not have to. They shod ask – does your dentist have Icon?

I felt very relieved and I think everyone should know about this and it is definitely worthwhile to follow up and do what you are supposed to do for you preventative dentistry. Now we don’t have to wait to see or wait until the cavity actually gives him pain – it has been taken care of and we don’t have to think about it anymore. Hi Ike! Come on over – this is really fun! This is our super star there – right! It is so great to know as a mom that he is safe, it was easy and that he is not going to go through all the pain that he would have without Icon – right Ikey.

What to Expect from an Icon Treatment

Icon is an excellent option for treating white spot lesions. It can be performed in a single visit, providing almost immediate results. It requires no numbing or drilling.

At your first appointment, you will review the benefits of Icon with Dr. Gupta. If Icon is right for you, the procedure is quick and relatively simple. First, Dr. Gupta will clean your teeth, then etch away a small amount of enamel that may block calcium from entering the tooth. He will then smooth the tooth using a dental bur and apply a drying agent. He will then apply Icon’s patented resin infiltrant. It will sit for about three minutes, then cured using a special dental light. Dr. Gupta will repeat this cycle once more before finishing. At this point, he will polish the treated teeth, and you will be good to go—the entire procedure takes about forty-five minutes to complete. The best part is that no freezing is required as there is no enamel removal involved.

If you are living with unsightly white spot lesions or are finishing orthodontics soon and are interested in learning more about Icon or other white spot treatments, make an appointment with Dr. Sam Gupta today. He will partner with you, discuss your goals, and present treatment options that are best suited to your lifestyle and needs.

Call Dr. Gupta at Mount Royal Dental today at (905) 581-9912 to schedule an appointment for a consultation and determine if Icon is right for you.