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Burlington residents get same day CEREC crowns

Burlington residents get same day CEREC crowns

Time and convenience are priorities to many people. We want the ability to do anything faster. With the improvements in dental technology, Mount Royal Dental in Burlington can satisfy the need for convenience. We are proud to offer the CEREC milling machine for same day crown procedures.


Advantages of CEREC crowns


Like traditional crowns, CEREC crowns are protective caps. They can be used to cover a cracked tooth, an implant, or a tooth following a root canal. While traditional crowns are often made from manual impressions of your teeth and then sent off to be created by a lab, CEREC crowns utilize digital impressions and are made in the dentist’s office. There are several benefits to CEREC crowns.


  • They are made of ceramic or resin materials so they closely resemble your real teeth. By using a single block of the material, the crown is sturdy and not susceptible to chipping.
  • CEREC crowns are created in the office the same day as your visit meaning you do not have to wait for your crown.
  • Using CAD technology, your dentist takes a photo of the tooth to make sure the new crown matches in color and size.


Let’s face it, time and aesthetics are important to all of us. Having the ability to have dental restoration procedures done in a timely fashion is a great technological advance. With the CEREC milling machine, our patients can safely and easily have their crowns made in one visit without the need for additional trips to the dentist. The CEREC crowns are durable, closely resemble real teeth, and generally cost about the same as traditional crowns.


If you are in need of tooth repair, consider CEREC crowns. Contact the experienced team at Mount Royal Dental in Burlington for a consultation today. Call (905) 581-9912.

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