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Benefits of iTero Scanning Technology and What to Expect

iTero Scans in Burlington Area

Not so long ago, the quest for the perfect smile meant having to endure uncomfortable procedures such as dental moulding so that you could get fitted with braces. Well, those days are over because, thanks to iTero® scanner technology, it’s now possible to get a complete image of your teeth and gums without the uncomfortable and messy hassle. Dr. Sam Gupta and the committed professionals at Mount Royal Dental are proud to offer their patients this new and exciting advancement in dental technology.

What Does iTero Scanner Technology Do?

As we mentioned, in the old days, you would have to go through the process of setting your teeth in a tray full of goop until the mould set and your dentist had a bad impression of your teeth.

Should something go wrong (like you sneezing with the tray in your mouth), the impression could be ruined, and you would have to start the process all over again. And the completed mould will not be perfect and could get misplaced or broken.

Nobody’s got time for that!

With iTero scanner technology, Dr. Gupta can take an incredibly accurate digital impression of your teeth and gums in a fraction of the time with little to no discomfort. This helps to create oral devices that fit in a patient’s mouth perfectly.

How iTero Scanner Technology works

The iTero Scanner uses the most up-to-date optical technology to construct a detailed three-dimensional digital model of your gums and teeth using a light-producing laser or wand. The laser poses no radiation risks to your health and can thoroughly scan your mouth in three minutes or less!

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Then, using special software, you can follow the progress of your scans in real-time on a nearby monitor. The digital model of your teeth and gums is then used for various dental treatments, such as Invisalign.

Revolutionary Technology to Help You Achieve A Better Smile

Don’t delay. Find out more about the iTero scanner technology and how it can next visit a more pleasant experience. Please give us a call at (905) 581-9912 . Mount Royal Dental is conveniently located at 2043 Mount Forest Drive, Burlington, Ontario L7P 1H4, Canada. 

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